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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Loss of flow and a need to practice

I had been off on a different kind of artistic exploration dealing with metaphysical themes. However, these days I have a desire to connect with Earth, feel the wind in my hair and smell oceans. I find them very ...expanding.
 So too, returned my urge to paint nature. Recently, the urge became strongest after seeing work from Paul Banning at Horizons....Oh the refinement!  I had grown bored with landscapes, but this man's work just revived my interest! I felt that I was looking at something far beyond the reach of any other landscape artist I had seen before. This artist has been put on my Bucket List, along with Monet, as an artist whose style I would LURVE to emulate.

Horizon's hasn't set up a link with the work as yet. But the invite has some of his paintings, which you can see here.

So....armed with renewed inspiration I decided to try my hand at some landscapes again. It was a difficult painful process, which yielded a disappointment of a painting! I felt so insanely defeated.
Many times I wanted to scrap the damned thing and start over. I cannot tell you how immature this work seems to me. Here it is:

The colours seem harsh and glaring, the brush strokes rough and difficult. I swear I felt pain.......
I realized how I had lost that ease; that flow that came with a relaxed swish of the brush. That right side of the brain thinking that does not see "boat" and "waves" but just line and colour and form was lost to me. Or was it?

Compare the above to this older painting:

There is such flow and ease in this one. This was done in 2006, where has that flow gone??? Wahhhhhh! Sniff Sniff!

 Paul Banning's work has inspired me to climb higher...with landscapes.... I really wish that my Fairy Paint Mother can wave a wand and grant me a two week vacation to his studio to get some "refinement." Perhaps if I wish hard enough......
Then again I just may strain my brain.....
On to practicing some more! I shall conquer thee foul demon of non-refinement!!!!

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