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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mother to Crone-Samantha Rochard - Mixed Media
I was thinking about transitions the other day and trying to make up my mind which direction I should take. In the past two years I have come to know myself, and realized the reason for my gnawing unhappiness that plugs at me in cycles.

So I had been trimming and tucking and getting rid of those things that are not ideal. Now, most recently I do not have the patience to just do something for the sake of...... whatever.

There are few things that I know will make me happy- and I wish to trim everything else from my life, and live only for those things which give me fulfillment.

Also, with a milestone birthday coming up this year, I wish to go forward being myself, pleasing myself first. I don't know how to describe it: I am at the end of the street, looking up to that place called home. In that place I can rest, a feeling like placing your head on the softest pillow and bed....that ahhhhh at the end of a tired day. Yet, even though I am seeing "home" there are things pulling and tugging at me saying "not yet. There is still unfinished business...".....

But home is there and I can feel its warmth. With these thoughts in my head I began doodling...idly really; with no image in my mind. And so she emerged: Mother to Crone: a woman with the wisdom of herself and a certainty of what she wanted from life.....................

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