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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lotus Flowers - A universal symbol

According to Carl Jung, there are several symbols which have a direct impact on the human psyche. These of course are subject to cultural influences. In doing a project such as this I think any artist will explore all channels which associate with the theme or themes that are unearthed through the process.
I have come across Lotus Flowers in several creation stories, as well as several myths, tied to various themes. The Lotus flower in all of them is representative of rising from the mud, or the lowly to something better; transformation, emergence of brightness of the soul, a change in direction.
There are several spiritual Paths, some accepted and some which are abhorent to our culture which use this symbol. I think any artist would not do a proper exploration if all the avenues which are revealed are not explored.

Having lived in this country for all my life I am aware that emotions run high when it comes to discussions on religion. For my part, and as a result of my explorations, I think that religions have an important part to play in shaping the psyche of any individual. Core beliefs and values created the  mind programming that is needed as an operational base for any mind. However, there is a dangerous side which comes from locking off one's mind to other points of view brought forward by other religions. This "locking" off can sometimes warp into bigotry...... which can in turn warp into hatred, suspicion, divisiveness... and the most crippling of all ..fear.

There are symbols which are very misunderstood. There is a fear perpetuated by leaders of certain faiths to ANY exploration of other faiths. I think that any spiritual leader, who injects fear and divisiveness into the mind of any individual, about any other faith is not operating for the greater good, but is only serving to perpetuate fear and divisiveness. This cannot be for the greater good. The only way to combat fear is through knowledge and understanding. When the information is presented to you, you make your own decision with the understanding that years of cultural conditioning may have an effect on your final decision.
For the few who expressed concern over the above "Tarot - like" lotus flower... I understand and thank you for your concerns- but I have seen nothing to fear in these images; rather I have found them quite insightful and beautiful.

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