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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tired of the Theme

Okay honestly, I think I am tiring of this theme. And I haven't even gotten to 100... I am at what....thirty eight?
And there are three more that I have to take pics of so that makes it Forty one...... and I am bored with the theme. Ready to focus my mind elsewhere already and move on to other themes that have caught my mind.
 I addition, I do not have space to work. Where I am now there is constant noise, and no space to focus.... only because there are so many people in the house. Nobody's fault really...... it just is.
There is a state of mind that you need to be in to fully become one with your work....which is a state that does not come with constant noise and interruptions.....and its no one's fault....its just the culture of this house.

So I need to continue to go with my flow....if my mind takes me to another project, I must leave this one for a while and turn down another path. Explore something else for a while.
I must also focus on securing space for me and the kids..... because right now I need to paint to earn money...and not being able to create makes it more difficult to do so.......
I must make some mental adjustments............

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