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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can I be a minimalist????

Taken from the blog Miss Minimalist
Before I moved out of my last apartment I had a growing discomfort stemming from the number of "things" I had in the place. Well... it may have not been the number of things, but maybe the size of the furniture in the rooms.

Rooms have gotten smaller, but furniture retained the same proportions. I started wondering about the idea of minimalist living, all with the aim of using the space I have more effectively. I wanted to be able to retain some unused space in the apartment so that I could spread out when I was working on something.
I started looking around and found Miss Minimalist....whose goal is to own 100 items or less. That's a picture of her bedroom......sorry love....too austere!

No..not my space, just a visualization tool of what may be possible. :)

I have spent three months or so living with my parents (try packing three kids and an adult into a  bedroom) and have taken stock of the things I actually use. I am just making mental notes for now because I realize that it may be the idea of lugging out the box to look for the item that turns me off of doing the task......I may need the item after all.

But I think minimalist living is something to think about....because I wish to simplify things, because I cannot abide clutter and because I would like to do more with what I and money.

This would be a very interesting journey......onward ho!!!!

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