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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Memories - Mamazie's House

Mamazie's House

Did this way before 1990. This house holds many memories for me. This was my grandmother's home when she was alive. It no longer stands.
I was never one to paint Chattel houses...only this one because it meant something to me.
As I child, I would run through this house and stop curiously to stare at the attempts my grandmother made to fix the floor. She would take the top of food cans and nail them over the hole. Sometimes they glittered when the sun filtered onto the floor through the windows.

I remember sitting across the road, on the pavement and comfortably painting this one Sunday morning. Passers by would come to look, and one vagrant kept me company for several hours.
That morning seems ages away now.

I have gone from painting what I see with my painting what I see in my mind.

The Journey continues.

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