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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pardon Me Muses

Pardon me Muses, for I have erred...its been six months since my last Lotus Flower...........

I eve wondered if the project was dead... because I could not seem to find a direction to take it forward. But, in deciding to change the parameters of my self imposed limitations, I found a revival to....well....possibility.
I have three to post on the blog, and will be doing so soon.

In a symbolic gesture to my moving into a bigger space, I decided to make them simple as that, but the space on the page now affords new designs, and styles. There is a marked sense of expansion in my life....and the new ones seem to celebrate that.....
Will be posting soon.

The Pictures shown here are some of my favourites so far. I have also been looking at the less refined pieces in an attempt to improve on the design....should I number them in succession, or simply leave them as the second version? Not sure yet, but it does not seem right repeating a design and counting it as an additional flower....

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