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Monday, July 23, 2012

I Made Love to a Woman

Sailing - Samantha Rochard 2012
And she was beautiful.........
I caressed every curve of her skin.
I touched every nuance in her lines.
I stroked my brush against her being and created her image inch by inch.
I felt every strand of her soft hair flowing out behind her.
And at the end of my love affair, I stepped back, and was pleased with the emotion I had created.

Sail on, buoyed by intense emotion and feeling..........sail on.


Samantha said...

Cannot believe that people did not get that I was referring to the act of creating the paintings above. Got into the painting so intensely it felt like making love to the canvas......bliss.....

How to Make Love to a Woman said...

Another reason is because most women enjoy being dependent. Men like this are usually much older than the women they are with and control her by telling her what to do.