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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blank Canvas

Something about my mind sees everything as a blank canvas. Paper, canvas, a room, an empty yard, a blank anything devoid of decoration is just waiting for me to "make pretty."

I have painted shoes, clothes, jewelry, garden elements, walls, you name it: I have touched it with a brush. My mind is always focused on creating the thing I see inside my mind.

I realized too that I do that with my relationships...much to my detriment I may add. And more than once to. Not seeing what "is" but forever working and trying to tweak to what "could be".  Whatever.

I have been very quiet recently because things are in the works. 100 Lotus flowers has taken a creative leap. I am reluctant to post images as I am preparing for a show in August and to post them will mean people would not need to come to the "show."

Just realized that I have not posted for a year. I am still here...still creating.


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