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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mind block

Feels like it.

When the images don't come anymore and I am wondering what to do to ninja kick them into existence. There are lots of things that kill creativity. Fear, anxiety, lack of affirmation, diminishing self-worth, isolation.
The mind can obsess on these things and; poof!; there goes any exploratory or creative spirit.

Many people do not realize that I am a loner by nature. I may explore a new situation, or person excitedly. But there comes a time when I begin to "get it" or "get them" and I see the pattern. Then it (they) no longer give me the creative stimulation, and I am off to the next "fix".

No I do not do drugs.

My explorations now are about the creative mind and how it works. I feel the need to look outside myself and see how to control the flow of images better- how to make them come when I want them to come.

I may blog some of that...and I may not. But lets see how that goes.

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