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Monday, March 16, 2015

Beautiful Sea Lots.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, the wealthiest of the Caribbean islands. There is poverty, like any other place I suppose, the wealth of the land does not always trickle down as the economist think.

Sea Lots, is not a place synonymous with beauty. Say Sea Lots to any local citizen and the reaction won't be pleasant. Squatting shacks, crime, dirt, squalor.....that's what comes to mind when you speak of Sea Lots.

I must point out though, that I have met some beautiful, creative, lively souls coming out of Sea Lots who have to hide the truth about where they live in order to get a job. But that's another story.

A couple years back I was heading East a late afternoon on a Sunday and saw the most radiant vision coming out of the portion of Sea Lots by the lighthouse.

The greens of the trees, a bright blue shack and the red pirogue moored in front stuck in my mind from since then.
Recently, a company called KALL CO LTD ( did some clean up work in the area. They dredged the sludge in the little bay, and sometimes the water actually take on a more bluish tinge. This made the view even prettier. Thank you Kall Co Ltd.

I think  much of Trinidad can be absolutely beautiful if a little time is taken on it.
But anyway....the painting is below....Sea Lots can be beautiful.

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