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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Possession Trap

We are enslaved by the lives we live

I have many questions about the Meaning and Quality of Life. I don't find many answers. I do sometimes find answers for me.
One day I woke up and realized that the life I was chasing, because I was told that that is the right path to take; was tiring, exhausting. I was not in control of my life. My life was in control of me. The never ending treadmill to cover the bills, save for the house, the education, the new car, the upgrade this and the upgrade that.
I had become a slave to my life.

Oh I can tell you I noticed things early nineteen .....the high of buying the new outfit. That high- gone- just three days later I was back to my melancholy.
I wanted to ensure that I had the proper things for my home. The Cannon towels, the 300 thread count sheets....I remember conversations around a family table on how to buy proper crystal ware, and glass ware for the home.
Then there was the "Spending Cycle." Carnival, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Summer vacation, Christmas and all the birthdays in between.

All designed to make you spend.
All designed to keeping you on the hamster wheel.
.....Then came the UPGRADE Phenomenon for technology.......

Ironic that I worked in advertising for years......hmmmmm

I cannot remember the exact time I swallowed...what, the red pill; I think it is; and began to wise up to the fact that living that life was actually controlling me. I was not in control. THAT LIFE was in control. You so needed to keep up with the possessions and the lifestyle. You needed $XX to keep up with your lifestyle, you need to work XX hours to keep up with your lifestyle. Do you realize how freaking draining that is?

Indeed.....on to the next thing and the next thing. Keep the buying going to keep the people spending to have the people working to buy the things they buy.

I admit that I did not let go by choice. I was forced to let go to save my health. I had always yearned for simpler, easier, more time for myself, more time to do things that I enjoyed.
Now...along with other observations of  friends and family passing on, or getting news that they would pass on soon; I am wise to the trap of possessions.

Can't jump off the hamster wheel. We will lose the car, the house. What will my family think of me? Have to keep going going for their sakes. Have to get the clothes, child wants the laptop, the I phone. Must get the new furniture.

I wish to be in control of my life. Not for my life to control me.
Now that my focus has shifted from the things to quality of life, I see where doing the thing you are passionate about kills some of that inner hunger for things.
I see also, persons amassing wealth, property, living for the next new car or phone or Adidas shoes or the next vacation......only to die and have to leave that all behind. None of it is worth it....not one Cannon Towel...not one Waterford Crystal Glass, not one Ashley Furniture set or smart screen TV.

I stepped away from the need to be that. Lets see what I will be now.

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