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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brooklyn Bar - Corner Carlos and Robert Street Woodbrook

Brooklyn Bar Trinidad - Samantha Rochard
 Brooklyn Bar has been....well...the site of a Bar for about three generations (so says my Dad, who remembers it as a little boy growing up in Woodbrook) The bar is very popular with the Friday after work crowd, and a spot for good doubles in the morning.

Brooklyn Bar Trinidad, Carlos Street View - Samantha Rochard
 The above is another view from Carlos Street, a commission from a collector. Honestly, I have never seen doubles and drinkers there at the same time,as the bar opens at 12noon and George The Doubles Man is usually gone by then. But I thought it would be great to have both in the paintings at the same time. After all, the memories of liming (Trini for hanging out) and grabbing an early morning doubles are what attracts persons to the painting.

Below is an older incarnation of Brooklyn Bar, always considered a flagship store by Carib Brewery Limited.

Older Store front

Current Visage - Carlos Street.

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