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Friday, February 19, 2016


There is beauty in simplicity

I know I have spoken about a minimalist life before on this blog.
Recent events in the past four years have really altered my perspective of what I need to be happy. I have lost some family members and friends, and it struck me how all their possessions, and things that they adored sometimes to the point of covetousness; really was useless.

I think of the effort put into tending for possessions- the large home, the items in it, the maintenance fees and time and energy put into cleaning and caring for them. I think of the regrets that some people have about not doing more, experiencing more and seeing more, being more than their life allows them to.
I think too, of the short term high that I got after buying the new book, the new clothes, the new whatever......and realizing eventually that the happiness I am seeking cannot be filled by any of those things.
Such a view is peaceful to the eyes and mind.
 I have been reading a lot about other lifestyle choices that people make and honestly, I am beginning to believe that having less, means living more.
There are Minimalist blogs, Frugal living blogs, sustainable living blogs- all focused on wanting, and having only what is necessary for you to keep doing what truly makes you feel connected to yourself.
Ain't it pretty.......
My journey to this type of lifestyle is under way, especially since I have realized that I get increasingly irritable at ANYTHING that prevents me from doing what I love.
Is it worth it? The high mortgage? The expensive clothes, restaurants, social life? Is it? Really?

Not to me.

I feel most connected to a higher power with reading, writing, painting, and the little herbal garden that I am creating in my space.
I have actually began looking at EVERYTHING I own and assessing whether I need it or not.
Recently, the closet got a serious trim down, and I was SHOCKED that at the end of it, two closets and accessories got trimmed down to half a cupboard, and thats with keeping ONLY the things that I love and use.

The entire house is being assessed this way.

I have already scheduled a garage sale by a family member.

Living simply just feels like.....well.....going home.

Blessed Be.

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