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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EROTIC ART WEEK - 19th July-31st July

Last year a bunch of artists gave the proverbial steups to the conventional appreciated art in our fair island, an decided to hold their own show with an Erotic Art Theme. Though the mainstream media practically ignored the event, the online independent media channels of artists, bloggers, videographers, and magazines lapped it up and enjoyed every "tittilating" moment.  (Shameless pun inserted! :)

You can see pictures of last years event here
Erotic Art Week 2009

This year more artists have signed on happily, and are shamelessly charting the movement of exploring the theme of sexuality against the mainstream's "abstinence only cover-up those paintings"  ideology.

There is what promises to be a delectable assortment of visual, audial, and flavourfull erotic menu, with restaurants, clubs, cafe's, studio workshops all coming together in the name of Art.

I have listed the schedule below:
Listed below is the schedule so you can pick what you want to see!

Monday 19th - 4Play
Open the Erotic calendar with a lime at Brooklyn Bar
Talk. lime. art. laugh

Wed - Opening night
All venues open - art up for public viewing. Listed artiste will be spread across the following venues:

Moksha Yoga, 103 Tragarete Road
Pink Cheri/Flam Couture, Ariapita and Murray St
Cafe Marrakesh, Baden Powell and Murray Sts
Island People, Tragarete Rd and Murray St
Alice Yard, Roberts St between Carlos and Murray Sts
Drink WIne Bar, Rosalino and Roberts Sts
Brooklyn Bar, Cor. Carlos and Roberts Sts
Studio, Cor. Luis St and Ariapita Avenue
Body Art, Ariapita Avenue, next to Studio
Bohemia, 34 Murray St
Rostant Advertising, 32 Murray St
Humzinger, Maraval Rd
Sky Bar, Cor. Murray St and Ariapita Ave

Photo Booth returns
Last year's interactive erotic photographic experiment is back. Find yuhself in the Rodell Warner's Booth. Every day of erotic Art Week at 33 Murray Street, Woodbrook.

Aphrodisia ...a taste of eroticism
Enjoy special menus created to excite the sense at any of EAW partner restaurants and bars.
Humzinger, Maraval Road
Café Marrakesh, Baden Powell and Murray Streets
Studio, Ariapita Avenue
Drink WIne Bar, Rosalino and Roberts Streets
Brooklyn Bar Carlos and Roberts Streets
Also get a chance to see and purchase the hottest book in T&T - Caribbean Aphrodisiac Recipes by Sheldon Lutchman at Café Marrakesh

Dressed for Work - Thurs 22nd 9pm
One Fashion show on one block
Fashion hits Murray Street in an ode to the people who walk the streets
Chizel Men's Wear by Ivaek Archer
Pink Cheri
Off the Hook Designs
Pilar by Ayya Ayoung Chee

Yoga Erotica
Moksha yoga presents two special classes, Sunday 25th 12 Noon and Monday 26th 6PM.
Arouse your inner energies... discover the art of TANTRA and how to make it truly exciting... bring a partner and come.
103 Tragarete Street Call (868) HOT-YOGA

To the poles...Our vote is Exotic Erotic Dancing
It election season again. N9 Studio offers a introductory demonstration and participatory session on Friday 23rd, 28 New Street POS. 6 pole together with eastern and chair dancing make the evening a must. Session begins at 7pm.
Call 745-6809 to reserve.

Carnival Erotic - join the discussion
Sky Bar 6:30PM
Monday 26th
A continuation of last year's discussion on how Carnival reflects, informs and/or contradicts eroticism in our society and economy. Panelists include Gender expert, Dr Charleston Thomas, Novelist and social observer, Earl Lovelace and Island People founder, Derrick Lewis.

Croquis ...draw!
Thur 29th 7pm
Above Studios, Fernandez Compound, Laventille
Bring your pads and pencils. Chee Lovelace and Above Studios collaborate to bring live models to the floor for. We provide the inspiration, you provide the talent.

Party Hard...In-between
Sunday 25th
6 to 12 PM
Bohemia, 33 Murray St
The fun/d raising in-between after party is a rent-a-tile event.3ft x3ft tiles are offered for sale in steamy evening of riding the rhythms. Bring a partner or pick one up there. DJs Tracy Assing, Stephen Doobal and Joy Juice; then head home and sleep it off so yuh could cast a descent vote.

Libertine... Ladies only... More erotic fun/d raising
Thursday 27nd 8:30pm
Bohemia 33 Murray St
'Woman is boss'. Some of the best male specimens, in the service of women.
All within the law. Admission is $170
Bookings at 333-8976
(room for 75 women only)

Happy Endings
Tuesday 22nd 8:30pm
Bohemia 33 Murray St
Join us as we bring EAW "WIDER" 2010 to a climax

Nadella Benjamin
Jeffrey Chock
Sheldon Lutchman
Patricia Frederick
Daniella Carrington
Stuart Hahn
Ivaek Archer
James Hackett
David Subran
Gavin Pierre
Boscoe Holder
Darnell Jones
Jemima Charles
Alex Smailes
Off the Hook Designs
Aaron Ramkalawan
Heino Schmid
Anya Ayoung Chee
Che Lovelace
Arnoldo James
Brianna McCarthy
Stacey Warwick
Raquel Vasquez
Paul Kain
Richard Rawlins
Nalinee Akal (N9 Studios)
Luiz Vasquez
Lisa Moore
Wayne Small
Michelle Isava
M.M. Malone
Alicia Milne
Darren Chee wah
Renu Boodoosingh
Melissa Doughty
David Subran
Rodell Warner
Muhamed Muakil


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